BlueRose Packaging & Shipping Supplies has been manufacturing and distributing Wooden Crates, Boxes, Bubble, Labels, and other Packaging Materials to Southern California for over 15 years.  Our manufacturing and direct distribution enable us to deliver awesome pricing and quality HT Wooden Crates, Bubble, Shipping Labels, Boxes, and more, directly from the manufacturer. Call us @ 877.808.4698 or email @ bluerose@bluerosepackaging.com to find out why we’re the #1 choice.
Our Wooden Crates are designed and custom built to your specifications, and our available engineer will ensure the wooden crate is spec’d appropriately for secure resiliency.  Wooden Crates can be made with Heat Treated Wood, which is a requirement to export outside the US.
That special items, such as antiques, aerospace parts, automobiles, glass, machines, or other apparatus a wooden crate will probably be needed.  Call us and we’ll be happy to visit your facility, at no cost, to discuss the best wooden crate necessary.
If the Wooden Crate is being shipped internationally, no need to worry, our material is ISPM-15 (HT) compliant.
For corrugated shipping boxes, foam packaging material,  our first line to the manufacturer for your stock or custom shipping boxes and bubble wrap packaging will ensure best pricing and free delivery for packing materials for shipping.  If you are looking for a custom shipping box with your print of business logo, or text — we can provide special quotes and produce the beautiful custom shipping box to promote your brand.
Shipping Labels, Bubble, Tape and other packaging material needs are available directly from our local manufactures.  Please call us @ 877.808.4698 for free delivery.